Saturday, 4 September 2010

Reversed Parachute emerger

Welcome to Reversed Parachutes, the home of Roy Christie's fly designs.

This is my signature fly, the Reversed Parachute emerger.
Designed originally to represent a stillwater midge, it immediately proved successful in midge, mayfly and caddis representations. I never could understand how the standard collar hackled dry fly was supposed to work, it needed a radical revamp; this journey has kept me amused during many a long evening at the bench and on the water.
I have developed the design over the last thirty years or so and build it generally from size #8 to the tiniest of smuts. Following my discovery of the internet about fifteen years ago, it has been tested by friends on many streams, rivers and loughs across the globe. In some cases it has become their standard search fly. 

Constructed from simple hackle, thread, fur and a piece of nylon monofilament, it is extremely durable and can be tied to match the hatch, as above, also proving attractive as a beetle, cranefly or other wind blown unfortunate stuck in the surface film.

Here is a pretty brownie I caught on a Danica Reversed Parachute on a wee brook, earlier this year.

The brown was returned to fight another day.

Fighting fish........... click here....

I do not hold the record for this fly. It has caught some fine fish for me, some going close on five pounds.
Mike Wilkinson in New Zealand has a five pounder to talk about.
Joseph Stitt will tell you how he took an extremely difficult trout in New Zealand on this fly.
Two friends in the US had some superb fishing, thirty fish each with this design, tied as a Caenis, when the other twenty anglers on that flat balmy lake failed to catch one among them.

Its record is held by my friend Hans Backman from Sweden who used a Vulgata version of this design, size #8, which I tied at a show in Sweden, to capture an Arctic Char of over five Kilos - unless one of you who reads this knows better. The trout and grayling records are unclaimed.
Photographic proof will be required for any bragging .

I have been priveleged over the last few years to attend fly tying shows in many countries to demonstrate this design and my many others. For that I say thank you to my many hosts and to the many excellent people who have attended.


Roy Christie

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  1. I can't claim any records of large fish on this fly, but I have taken many fine wild brook trout from the small freestone streams I fish.

  2. Hey Roy,
    So good to see you in the blogosphere (I know, a ridiculous word...)
    That stream on the header looks familiar.
    Can't can't claim any records, but there's likely not many of us that have caught wild browns on 26, #28 and #30 RPE's... still trying on a #32 ;)

    Now following, will check back SOON.