Thursday, 17 March 2011

360 degree fly views

Herman de Gala has just added some of my designs to his excellent website

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mustad #14 4XL
orange quill
barred grizzly dyed golden olive
black Metz
black and green Hares'Ear+
Blue dun hackle tips

Knotted Midge
It is a mating pair of midges which will lay flat on the surface,
 the hook point only hanging through the meniscus at 20degrees.
The top pic is what the fish sees,
 the lower is from above from one side
The hackle on the bend is larger than the front hackle
 as the fly has more mass at the bend.

UpsideDown Danica Spinners

Ephemera Danica Spinner

Size 10 Hyabusa 270
Tails - pheasant tail fibres
Body - porcupine guard hair
Wing - Puglisi fibres (grey) mixed with TMC AeroDryWing (black)
Hackle - black
Thorax cover - pheasant tail fibres
Thorax - DaziHaresEar