Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Published March 1992 Trout and Salmon magazine UK

                           I thought I should add a little history of the reversed parachute design.
For a better look,

The first few dozen flies I built fell to pieces as I had no good way of attaching the hackle in this configuration. I designed and tested the Avon Special alongside this one and depended on it for a few seasons while I worked out how to construct the reversed parachute.
My old friend Bashy reminds me that he took the record brown on the wee burn at home on a reversed parachute olive emerger in 1973. That fish at a pound and a quarter stuck in memory. Well done Bashy, tight lines to you.

In later years, around 1976 I had the process refined so that the flies lasted for a few fish and I came to use it for more imitations, midges and caddis on lakes, since I had moved to London where there is little trout fishing in streams.
Later refinements make it virtually indestructable.

I'll be testing some more over the next few days and will attempt to catch a fish to show you.
Here's hoping. :)


  1. Awesome Roy - amazing to read this article 18yrs after publication. Looking forward to more.
    Catch you soon,

  2. That's pretty cool. Here's to hoping you succeed!

    The Average Joe Fisherman